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Most people that are new to Apache spend most time in a war between Skype, microsoft HTTP/2.0 service and Apache of which all compete for port 80. I will spend less than two minutes showing you how the war can end.

Fortunately its very easy to configure Skype to use different port. Live skype at that.

For a MySQL admin, using Apache on windows most of the time you will find its not starting since the port 80 is busy with microsoft HTTP/2.0.
You can configure the httpd.conf to use another port. For instance, port 100.

Just go to your web server application folder which is either WAMP,XAMPP or any other application you use and seacrch for httpd.conf.

Example. Open the file using a text editor.


Edit the following lines


Listen 80 change to Listen 100
ServerName localhost:80 change to ServerName localhost:100

Go to your http://Localhost:100 and it will open as normal and expected.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. John Gray says:

    I am getting this error Apache Server at Port 80

    how would i solve it and what is this.

  2. [...] HTTP/2.0 they also use port 80. Here is a web page that describes how to fix this conflict. Apache Port 80 collision simple solution : TechSoft Solutions For Wamp; the httpd.conf file is located in c:wampbinapacheapache2.2.22conf directory 5) You [...]

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